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Training & Assessment Solutions (TAS) is one of two (2) registered training organisations (RTO’s) making up part of the JVR Global Group of companies. TAS delivers a range of nationally accredited and non-accredited qualifications and programs to industry markets both domestically and internationally.

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I have recently completed my Certificate III in Parks and Gardens with Training & Assessment Solutions. It has been an absolute pleasure to have Jennifer and Bevan from TAS as my trainers and they have both gone above and beyond to help me through this process. As I suffer from dyslexia, I have had poor experiences with other training organisations dismissing me because too much time had to be spent with me at train outs; irrespective that I have been in the industry for over 30 years. It has been so satisfying after so long to now hold my qualification, both Jennifer and Bevan did everything to explain, demonstrate, create handouts for me and finally complete this process. I would highly recommend Jennifer and Bevan as well as Training & Assessment Solutions for any industry professional who has the experience but no qualifications.
TAS helped me through the entire process from start to finish. I felt at ease while I was doing my certificate III in concreting. The trainers made me appreciate learning while doing on the job site training. This enabled me to work and study at the same time and gain a greater understanding of how to do things whilst also gaining knowledge from experienced trainers in the field. I look forward to obtaining my Certificate IV in Building with Training & Assessment Solutions.
Concreting Apprentice
TAS were excellent, they really made it easy for me to complete my concreting certificate. The training structure really suited me as i was able to be trained onsite which also made my employer a lot happier as i didn't have to go offsite. I hope to complete my cert IV soon.
Structural Landscaping and Concreting Worker
Training & Assessment Solutions has been a great fit for our company. They came onsite and really helped me piece my team together, they organised all of my qualifications and training so I could focus on the key construction aspects of my project without wasting any of my time.
Redcliffe City Gates