With many years of experience within the industry Training & Assessment Solutions (TAS) deliver services to both employers and students with a focus driven by passion and commitment to quality.


TAS have invested heavily in our online Learning Management System (LMS). Cutting edge technology integrating and LMS and CRM system into the one system streamlines our back end database and learning systems to deliver quality services to clients including supporting mobile phone and tablet applications for students.


Students and clients can speak to us openly about financial assistance. Providing flexible options to support clients financially in harder times or perhaps a business in start-up we are certainly here to help. Speak to us directly on how we can reduce the impact on your education and compliance for your project.


TAS offer specialised training solutions for businesses requiring that ‘unique’ tailored approach to training and education for workers. This may be the inclusion of additional units, specialist hands-on, onsite training initiatives, re-evaluation of material to suit technical specifications or bringing in a specialist skilled trainer & assessor from industry to support special needs.


TAS under the JVR Global Group have over 35 trainers & assessors working in the field specialising in an array off skills and qualifications supported across four offices.


TAS deploy a range of employment programs every year in support of industry and local communities. Employment programs are driven towards  attaining jobs for those who need them. Teaching young workers the required skills and helping them find sustainable employment.


Available funding, and loans are available but vary between qualifications, industries and states and is very dependent on students personal situations. Funding initiatives delivered from state & federal government are there to support workers and employers to grow and contribute to projects, improvement and sustainability of employment and to support job creation. If you feel you may be eligible we recommend you call and and tell us about what you are hoping to achieve.


Our business back end systems allow us to capture data specifically for clients needs and reporting structures. Talk to use about utilising API technology so our systems can talk eliminating the need to use complicated manual administration processes.